Waxing In Dubuque, IA

Waxing In Dubuque, IA

Waxing is a popular hair removal technique that involves the application of warm or cold wax to the skin, adhering to the hair, and then swiftly removing it, along with the unwanted hair. This process effectively pulls the hair from its roots, resulting in a smoother skin surface. Waxing is a versatile treatment that can be applied to various body areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and more. Suitable for both men and women, this treatment is ideal for individuals looking for a longer-lasting alternative to shaving or plucking.

Waxing provides immediate results, with the effects lasting for 3 to 6 weeks, depending on individual hair growth cycles. Regular waxing can lead to finer and sparser hair growth, extending the duration between treatments. Expect a quick, manageable discomfort during the session as the wax is applied and removed. Book your appointment at New Beginnings Salon & Spa today to experience the benefits of this rejuvenating hair removal treatment.

Waxing Pricing Options

We use a premier product line (featuring hard waxes and advanced technology) that gives quick, efficient results + an optimum waxing experience.

Face Waxing

Lip - $20 each
Nose - $15 each
Full Face - $40

Body Waxing

Underarms - $28 each

Benefits of Waxing


Waxing is suitable for most individuals seeking effective and longer-lasting hair removal solutions.
Results are visible immediately after your waxing session.
Results typically last three to six weeks, depending on hair growth patterns.
There’s minimal downtime, and common side effects include temporary redness and mild irritation, which usually subside within a few hours.

Before waxing, ensure the area is clean and dry. After the treatment, avoid sun exposure, hot showers, and intense exercise for the first 24 hours.

During the session, you’ll experience a brief, manageable discomfort as the wax is applied and swiftly removed, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.


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