Chemical Peels In Dubuque, IA

Chemical Peels In Dubuque, IA

Chemical peels are a dermatological procedure involving the application of a chemical solution to the skin’s surface. This solution works by causing the skin to exfoliate, promoting the shedding of dead skin cells, and boosting the growth of new, healthier skin. The process targets skin concerns, such as aging signs, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne, by enhancing collagen production and cellular turnover. Chemical peels are suitable for individuals seeking to rejuvenate and improve the overall appearance of their skin.

These versatile peels can be applied to different body areas, including the face, neck, chest, and hands. The treatment is tailored to specific skin types and concerns. Results are typically noticeable after one treatment, but a series of treatments may be needed for optimal results. The effects can last several months, and regular maintenance treatments can prolong the benefits.

Benefits of our Wellness Equipment Services

Glycolic Peel: Ideal for mature skin, promoting repair, and enhancing skin tone
Salicylic Peel: Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin, treating acne, and improving texture
Lactic Peel: Designed for dehydrated, dry skin, aiding in re-texturing and rejuvenating the skin

Superficial Price Options

The Glycolic Peel | for mature skin
The Salicylic Peel | for oily, acne-prone skin
The Lactic Peel | for dehydrated, dry skin
All peels start at $125
Superficial Package of 3: $338
Recommendation: 3-6 treatments; best done 4-6 weeks apart.

Benefits of Chemical Peels


Anyone concerned about skin texture, tone, or specific skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, or aging signs can be a good candidate.

Results are often visible after the first treatment, but treatments may be needed for optimal outcomes.

Results can last several months, with regular maintenance treatments helping to prolong the effects.

Mild redness and peeling are common side effects, typically subsiding within a few days. Downtime is minimal.

Follow the skin care routine your provider recommends and avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment.

The treatment involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which may cause a tingling or mild burning sensation. The solution is then neutralized and removed, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.


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